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Christ The Almighty

Today I ran out of petrol on my way home to bendigo.
But I ran out into a "gas station" and then realised I had no money anyway so it really didn't matter.
Luckily dad was able to fed-ex me $11 so I got home by 2pm this afternoon.

The other night was my christmas drinks for the toy depart ment of myer...I don't know how "my" exactly fitted into that sentence but anyway. Unfortunatly I had agreed TO WORK THAT NIGHT until midnight...when the drinks staqrted at around 6 pm. So anyway there is this 18 year old girl name Rose whom I did training with and...well you know me....I'm just nice to people...she operates the lifts and I often see her...I saw her this night so i told her about the drinks and invited her to come along. She tyook this as a date I think...and acted all coy and shy and was like "I don't know where it is...can you loveingly show me *blink* *blink*" :| "Why don't I just meet you after Stewart?" She would it fucking got to mid night and all these events happend that made it so that instead of there being a group of us all walking over together NOT A SINGLE ONE OF US LOOKING LIKE A COUPLE....I had to talk secutiry into opening a storeroom so that she could get her bag for an hour...this ebing after we left together before everybody else and went the wrong way in an empty store because "we had to find her bag"

The moment I walk in "is this your girlfriend? STEWIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" From millions of drunk cunts.

Lord Almighty Hear My Prayer.

Then nobody else knew her. Blah Blah blah I tried to introduce her to this other guy and leave them alone and try and contantly mention my grilfriend but every time I did I would look at her and it was like I was driving a small knife into you yet to be scarred and totally devoted to my greatness heart. She AND that guy ended up at my house...she ended up taking my jacket home (he took a jumper but that's another story) and ever since I've got text messages desperately seeking my love. And I can't be mean....and I can't be too nice...but I don't want her to cry or die or hate me...thinking that I lead her on or anything. *sigh*

Jesus will help me.

Happy birlthday.

It was Dylan (my brothers) birthday the other day..I got him a cat in the hat plush toy...a large one....and I got everybody who will be in my house tomorrow moprning a christmas present...this morning even. Fuck it sucks. But I love people.

I have another story I am sure of it but tiredness will reap it's merry widow or operatic proportions upon to my time and I shall drift whimsically away into the slumber that only one who KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT WHERE HE WORKS AND IS THE OFFICIAL GO TO GUY THERE would ever feel.

For Christs Sake.
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