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Subject Of Passion, Subject of Fruit [29 Dec 2004|12:46am]
[ mood | fucking cute ]


I must be sick.
I must find a house.
By myself I must you see.
It's ok really but all of it at once burns a little. I am consoled by myself for earning so much money this week and next but it has made me deathley and sickly and I have taken off tomorrow...3 whole days in a row off...no having to get up or ever light a candle...and I have a bottle to pee in toooooo (decide how many ooooooo's yourself...I know that's all tha treally matters)

So if anybody want sto look for a house or knows of somebody ANYWHERE who needs me just lemme know.

The Wes gardner Diary still lurks on my hard drive...classic wes....wes before I knew everythign he wrote was made up. I blieved some of his emotion and passion..often with a tear...but looking back now it all seems so fake...like that peter carey esq (doth one say?) sotry he won that award for.




esquire? What was I thinking.

MY lips are repulsivly fucked and now I need to pee.

How on earth could it work out this way eh? I left for work early this morning in the rain when I wasn't meant to be in and had just teh day before gone home early due to illness and with the knowledge I would have to come in early because i am the only one that can do the FUCKING JOB. And the guy who had conned me in to coming in to work because I wa son the only guy who could remember it even though he knew I was mega fucking sick DIDN"T COME IN TO WORK BECAUSE HE WAS SICK. Oh my managerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

School starts again soon. speaking of which I think I owe them about a million dollars...not to mention my loan that is to be paind off by the first.

I'm sitting here watching my keyboard but I don't know why it just makes me think that I am actually not really writing the words that I am thinking. I'm actually doing pretty well though. I can type pretty fast and don't care about such typo things in this...DUH....but....it is virtually like the words are coming at the same speed as I can type...and as I look at tit ......well they are really happening at the same time...but I can't figure which came first. which part of me knows what I am going to write first....because my fingers are perfectly in time with my head sometimes down to the letter.....for instance if I need to write a hard word that may require repositioning I with work through the word lletter by lwetter in my as I work through it on the keyboard. No sense? I guess.

But I even think "enter enter" when I hit enter. And when I have those ....... I thing "dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot" (ok after a while there I just started to think nabout the beat of the keyboard as I type the same for jeys over and over...a little like a train.


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Christ The Almighty [25 Dec 2004|12:58am]
[ mood | recumbent ]

Today I ran out of petrol on my way home to bendigo.
But I ran out into a "gas station" and then realised I had no money anyway so it really didn't matter.
Luckily dad was able to fed-ex me $11 so I got home by 2pm this afternoon.

The other night was my christmas drinks for the toy depart ment of myer...I don't know how "my" exactly fitted into that sentence but anyway. Unfortunatly I had agreed TO WORK THAT NIGHT until midnight...when the drinks staqrted at around 6 pm. So anyway there is this 18 year old girl name Rose whom I did training with and...well you know me....I'm just nice to people...she operates the lifts and I often see her...I saw her this night so i told her about the drinks and invited her to come along. She tyook this as a date I think...and acted all coy and shy and was like "I don't know where it is...can you loveingly show me *blink* *blink*" :| "Why don't I just meet you after Stewart?" She would say....so it fucking got to mid night and all these events happend that made it so that instead of there being a group of us all walking over together NOT A SINGLE ONE OF US LOOKING LIKE A COUPLE....I had to talk secutiry into opening a storeroom so that she could get her bag for an hour...this ebing after we left together before everybody else and went the wrong way in an empty store because "we had to find her bag"

The moment I walk in "is this your girlfriend? STEWIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" From millions of drunk cunts.

Lord Almighty Hear My Prayer.

Then nobody else knew her. Blah Blah blah I tried to introduce her to this other guy and leave them alone and try and contantly mention my grilfriend but every time I did I would look at her and it was like I was driving a small knife into you yet to be scarred and totally devoted to my greatness heart. She AND that guy ended up at my house...she ended up taking my jacket home (he took a jumper but that's another story) and ever since I've got text messages desperately seeking my love. And I can't be mean....and I can't be too nice...but I don't want her to cry or die or hate me...thinking that I lead her on or anything. *sigh*

Jesus will help me.

Happy birlthday.

It was Dylan (my brothers) birthday the other day..I got him a cat in the hat plush toy...a large one....and I got everybody who will be in my house tomorrow moprning a christmas present...this morning even. Fuck it sucks. But I love people.

I have another story I am sure of it but tiredness will reap it's merry widow or operatic proportions upon to my time and I shall drift whimsically away into the slumber that only one who KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT WHERE HE WORKS AND IS THE OFFICIAL GO TO GUY THERE would ever feel.

For Christs Sake.

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Memories of Today [27 Oct 2004|04:28pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Houses are such fun things to examine and search for.
Every house around here has a third bedroom in the batroom with the sink below the bed AND THEN the catch is that you have to have the back window open when it's raining so that you can work the oven.
One housemate wants newish stuff...two housemates couldn't give a fat rats crack and the other two don't want to live next to a brothel.
5 young men next to a brothel I feel would be quite appropriate, especially considering at least 2 of them I swear have never gotten anything of anything in their whole life....which is not bad...except they claim that they are constantly...ya know..."doing felix." Or maybe "doing THA Felix". When really they are home every night mopping and doing schoolwork.

Speaking of my slide projector, I took it for a walk today.

I got some incence bourght for me today, at lunchtime.

It smells nice.

I finish school next thursday and need to resign from my job THIS Friday.
I have 45 pizza boxes in my room.
AND another thing.....I'm meant to have an exhibition, but I surely won't. There surely is nothing I would rather not do. Perhaps Kitty. Clarky and Kitty. That's ERIN CLARKY.

Oh oh oh oh! There has been a carwash going off for the last 7 hours..it started at like 9:30AM when I got up and is still going. There are many threats happening to this car as we speak, but it has yet to consider the consequences and continues persisting with it's constant blathering of annoyance...cleverly calling the neighborhood's bluff. (Now is that the hill one or the act one? Blough? Wow the dictionary is sitting there. As is the dictionary.com bar of Firefox. Nope.....sure ain't bothering.)

I admire you.

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Featured Names Displaced [26 Oct 2004|04:18pm]
[ mood | quixotic ]

You see I should be writing my essay. An essay that's only due on Friday and will take me about 25 minutes to write. But I'll never write it.
Instead I'll write almost the exact amount of words that are required here. Anyway. Anyway. Anyway. Anyway.
For New Zealanders: Fred Dagg. I know a New Zealand girl, her mame is Danit something-or-other-she-has-my-holga-and-i-long-for-it-back-even-though-i-will-never-use-it-so-she-says-we-should-meet-for-a-drink-but-wenever-do-or-will Jones or something else just as Maori.

Speaking of New Zealand Movies...in my fathers den is fantastic...especially Emily Barclay...oh yes she is wonderul. She was in some super popular maybe tv show over there two. I was also recently working on the set of a new zealand australian co-production called Holly's heroes...I am pretty sure the lead in that is in that movie as Emily Barclays friend but because I can't remember her name it is impossible to check.

Lucas's OS romance has reminded me of Chantelle. For whom I dotted off to The Big Apple all by myself....destined to find true love over the itnernet..I was ever the hopeful 15 year old boy, soon to be sixteen. Fortunately though the trip wasn't as amazing wreck as you might think. Although I was completely terrible to her with my "sarcasm" we managed to stay friends and I managed to develop the fondness of photography that I have today. I also now have a second family living in Poughkeepsie, NY whom I love and miss, as much as one can miss Americans.

Love in through the distance of the movies. Pictures are less that slidetastic.


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For those who don't eat [22 Oct 2004|11:47pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

I'm assuming that one day somebody will stumble upon this and it won't just end up being an e-diary where all my lovely personal thoughts will end up FOR NO ONE EVER TO SEE.
After reading something in the awful blah I searched through every happypea comment page until I found the comment made by wedley that mentioned my name. It was about all the Wes Gardner Memorabilia I have. BOXES of the fuckers. When he becomes equal to Michael(?) Chrichton(?) then I will definatly be a millionaire. That and we have the same birthday. So what's mine is his and whts his is mine.

I got a job at myer. It is in the Toy department.

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Working Work warnings Floppy [22 Oct 2004|02:51am]
[ mood | tired ]

So I'm really tired. Like...really tired. I'm not usually this tire at 3am...I could usually go a few more rounds of ZELDA or something else that actually has rounds. But right now my eyes are droopy...like I have taken some form of sedative.

I was just thinking that I should probably write things here. Not much. I don't have much today really. But after looking at my friend Lucas's latest post and seeing the comments posted I was.....put in some word here that means buoyed or something....BAh..anyway I like the idea of comments...of people just saying "Yeah your work is shit, but mines worse" or "congratulations on you penis size" Whatever.

Then I got to thinking about how with he wes gardner daily diary.... it took THREE sometimes maybe even FOUR of us to get it published every day... and wes was forced to write something. I wish I was forced each day to write something. And then receive feedback. Feedback-a-day (.com?)

I miss Lucas. Thats the last thing I'll write. He's much the missed entity over here. I flew over his house recently. I shed a tear. And his lady friend Jessie. Well I miss her too. Not that she even knows I exist or know anything about her or have been reading her LJ for the past ever. Slowly working up enough information so as to be able to steal her from Lucas. Then I would have to see him.

I'm getting kicked out of my house.

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