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Working Work warnings Floppy

So I'm really tired. Like...really tired. I'm not usually this tire at 3am...I could usually go a few more rounds of ZELDA or something else that actually has rounds. But right now my eyes are I have taken some form of sedative.

I was just thinking that I should probably write things here. Not much. I don't have much today really. But after looking at my friend Lucas's latest post and seeing the comments posted I was.....put in some word here that means buoyed or something....BAh..anyway I like the idea of comments...of people just saying "Yeah your work is shit, but mines worse" or "congratulations on you penis size" Whatever.

Then I got to thinking about how with he wes gardner daily diary.... it took THREE sometimes maybe even FOUR of us to get it published every day... and wes was forced to write something. I wish I was forced each day to write something. And then receive feedback. Feedback-a-day (.com?)

I miss Lucas. Thats the last thing I'll write. He's much the missed entity over here. I flew over his house recently. I shed a tear. And his lady friend Jessie. Well I miss her too. Not that she even knows I exist or know anything about her or have been reading her LJ for the past ever. Slowly working up enough information so as to be able to steal her from Lucas. Then I would have to see him.

I'm getting kicked out of my house.
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